PW Project: Rib-Eye Steak

I made a steak tonight for dinner.  I’ve never made steak before, so this was very exciting for me, and I have to say, I didn’t disappoint myself.

It's a beauty

Doesn’t that look gorgeous!

Steak by itself isn’t in the cookbook (there is a recipe for a steak with a whiskey cream sauce), but I thought that before I go ahead with any fancy sauces, I should actually know how to use my grill pan and make a good steak.

This post “How to Cook a Steak” is what really put The Pioneer Woman website on the map. And those are the directions I went with.

The recipe was super simple with very few ingredients, simple instructions, and minimal cook time.

Everything you need

Just four ingredients: one rib-eye steak, seasoned salt, lemon pepper, and butter.

I almost couldn’t find the seasoned salt in the cupboard and was super close to using Old Bay seasoning on my steak. (For those not in the know Old Bay is a seasoning blend that’s very popular in the mid-Atlantic region, especially MD. It’s used by its devotees on a multitude of food items.) But then thankfully, I found the seasoned salt lying down hiding in the back of the cupboard. Perhaps in the future, after I’m more comfortable with grilling the steak, I can try Old Bay and other seasoning combination. But while I’m working on this cooking project, I’m going to stick to the recipe instructions to the letter.


Next time, I want to use more lemon pepper on the steak. Lemon pepper is probably one of my most favorite seasonings when cooking. I really love that hint of citrus. I use it on chicken, in salad dressings, on veggie. It’s super versatile.

While I was seasoning my meat, I heated up my beloved grill pan (seriously, the best kitchen purchase I’ve ever made) and rubbed some butter on the pan (not the whole stick, just enough to really coat the pan).

Butter the pan

Once the butter had heated up, I slapped that steak on the grill. I didn’t cook it for very long, just a few minutes on each side, with strategic turning to get those criss-crossed markings.

Slap it on the grill
Now the other side

Less than 10 minutes after starting, I had my steak! My house smelled fantastic, and the steak was cooked to perfection. It was succulent, juicy, super flavorful. I had to restrain myself.

Just perfect

For obvious reasons (health and money) eating steak will not be done frequently at my house. But now, I feel way more confident cooking a steak should I want to again.


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